Revenge in St Albans

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I live quite far from my boyfriend.

2 weeks ago my boyfriend invited me to down his house in St Albans and burst into tears.
He told me he had decided to leave England to be with his dying father in New Zealand. He had also decided he msut return to NZ for good to nurse his mother afterwards.

We spent the next 2 days making, love, weeping, and sharing special memories.

We had been together a year.
On the Monday I left him for good .... but returned on Tuesday to say I wanted to go with him. However he was not alone - he was with another woman.

Afterwards i found out they'd been together for the last 4 months. And rather than tell me the truth he decided he'd lie.

I haven't taken revenge ... yet.
But i want to ... any suggestions.
He is currently in Europe with his girlfriend ... back at the end of April.

Post here ... or send to if you prefer.